Privacy Policy

‘Now this notice has been issued by the ‘djjohal’ media network on behalf of itself/ subsidiaries it’s affiliated and is addressed by individuals of an outsider at our organization with whom we have been interacting/ including customer are visitors to our sites of users in our Apps another the users of our services together defined the terms of used in this notice by are explained into a section of below’.

‘This notice may have been amended by the updated from time to time reflect are changes in our practices with the respect of Processing personal data/ changes into applicable of law we encourage you to read this notice by the carefully to regularly check to this page to review by any change we might have been making into accordance with the terms of this notice.’

‘Whatever, we may have been collecting the obtain of Personal Data about you directly at from you into the course of our relationship with you if you make your personal data public when you are downloading to install/ use of in our Apps when you are visiting to interact with any third party of content/ advertising onto site an in Apps we may have been also receiving personal data about your from third parties’.

‘We may have been the processing of your personal data details look like this/ your name/ demographic data/ your age as your contact details/ your address and your purchase history of payment detail information about our Sites and the Apps details of your employee information about your interactions with our content of advertising any view of opinions you provide to us’.