Russian President Putin

‘On June 8, the Day of Social Workers, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with social laborers, yet additionally with their wards. That is, noticed the extraordinary reporter of Kommersant, Andrei Kolesnikov, as the head of one of the public associations put it, with our life span.

Without much forethought procured over the previous eighteen months, Vladimir Putin met with social laborers and their supporters through video telephone calls from Novo-Ogaryovo. It was helpful for them also: there was no compelling reason to go anyplace all things considered. Furthermore, for the older, this is significant.

This is a government program for the advancement of silver chipping in, proceeded with Denis Belsky The program is extraordinary in that it permits you to open similar local communities of silver chipping in as our own all through the country: there are now 47 of them open right now! The program permits not exclusively to help crafted by non-benefit associations, focuses on silver chipping in.

Nonetheless, Denis Belsky, who is as yet a moderately aged man himself (likely a previous military man), likewise looked silver against the foundation of his silver hair. Be that as it may, the interminable utilization of this word appeared to carry it to nothing, and it appeared to everybody according to whom it was utilized: it was done precisely, on the grounds that it was helpful and, above all, it was not hostile, not hostile.

This implies that there are and will be silver ones. In any case, the truth of the matter is that on account of this negligent rehashed use, it started to outrage, even me. (Also, who among us doesn’t abruptly feel like a silver volunteer eventually? Once in a while, it is known as a brought-down pilot.

The fact is that he clarified, they can’t go to the Rosmolodezh contest for clear purposes behind (they are youthful, as they, when all is said and done, accentuate, just in the soul. AK)! Furthermore, at the age of 60–70, not every person is prepared to set up and open their own non-benefit association! A Young on the most fundamental level is an extraordinary story.

all things considered, how would they think: on the off chance that an individual has resigned, his destiny is a seat in the closest yard, a polyclinic, and, best-case scenario, even grandkids, and a dacha. Also, our experience and the experience of the Young on a basic level program shows that this isn’t the situation, that individuals need to profit the country and region, and people around them.

He told about individuals who ended up in silver chipping in and now remain behind him. For my own sake, Denis Belsky demanded, in the interest of the relative multitude of nation’s silver volunteers, Vladimir Vladimirovich, we compassionately request you to help the work from the Young on a fundamental level program, since it gives novel freedoms to more seasoned individuals to find, understand their latent capacity, and discover new freedoms for self-realization.

Alexandra Unitsaeva addressed the Ulyanovsk local office of the Red Cross. Three old ladies with sticks were acting behind the scenes. They, obviously, sat tight quite a while during the current hour (or rather, its end), practiced perpetually and now rehearsed before the president, it appeared to me, without due joy. It appears to be that there is essentially no strength left to have a good time.

Ekaterina Ipatova from the Center for Social Services for Elderly and Disabled Citizens in Magadan, without prelude, recommended compensating social specialists with state grants for their work during the pandemic. Mr. Putin attempted to disclose to her that individuals of the nation as of now convey a love for social specialists in their souls, and it even appeared to me that, from his perspective, this honor would be sufficient, particularly given the certain certainty with which Ekaterina Ipatova talked.

The lower region complex focal point of social administrations for the populace in the town of Essentukskaya, Stavropol area, welcomed Vladimir Putin with swelled four white inflatables around the edges and a yellow inflatable in the center with a white tail, that is, chamomiles.

Elena Fedorova, top of the middle’s specialization, answered to the president in such a flawlessly conveyed voice that he, at the end of the day, contrasted her discourse with a discourse at a gathering congress (and not the Liberal Democratic Party, obviously, but rather the Communist Party of the Soviet Union).

We are occupied with the anticipation of social forlornness, it appears, having at long last sorted out what Vladimir Putin needs from them, she gestured, intruding on her associate, who had given her assertion, Elena Fedorova. We have 45 homesteads somewhere far off We have distinguished desolate and forlorn individuals, persuaded them to socially valuable exercises. We have 228 such individuals, who are joined in 38 gatherings in the measure of three to ten individuals.

Behind Tatyana Kashina from the Vologda Region, eight old ladies moved balls on their palms to improve fine engine abilities. From a distance, it appeared to be that while their chief was talking, they were attempting to impact the president for certain very much planned secretive passes.

While Vladimir Putin and Alexandra Unitsayeva reviewed the historical backdrop of the Red Cross, the ladies put down their sticks and started to work with their hands. In the interim, Alexandra Unitsayeva around then procured more in language than any other person: Mr. Putin reminded all lead representatives that they should help the Red Cross and apportion premises for it.’


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