Denounce of Alexander Lukashenko

‘A discussion was held in the European Parliament on Tuesday on the subject of Systematic suppression in Belarus and its suggestions for European security. Subsequently, the head of European tact, Josep Borrell, considered the Belarusian chief Alexander Lukashenko a despot, and furthermore guaranteed further help to the common society of Belarus.

Against this foundation, different signs showed up, affirming that now the discussion with Minsk will be led in a lot more honed tones than previously. Simultaneously, in practically every one of the discourses of the European parliamentarians, Moscow showed up as the fundamental supporter of Minsk and the help of the Belarusian system, permitting it to take part in state psychological oppression.

Relations among Belarus and the West, which, doubtlessly, are as of now at their absolute bottom, are slipping even lower. After the episode with the Ryanair plane, which had to land in Minsk to capture the manager of the resistance Telegram station Roman Protasevich, both the European Union and NATO are making it progressively evident that the circumstance in Belarus has stopped to be its inside issue.

Another sign showing this was the visit of the head of the Belarusian resistance Svetlana Tikhanovskaya to Prague. Without anyone else, Ms. Tikhanovskaya’s excursions to Western capitals, just as gatherings with senior government officials up to the presidents, have since quite a while ago become standard, however, the Czech specialists themselves needed to stand out with surprising explanations.

Czech President Milos Zeman, thus, wished the Belarusian resistance triumph in the course of the last despot of Europe, this isn’t the first run through the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, with whom Mrs. Tikhanovskaya attempted to contend in the races, has been called so. Valid, Milos Zeman, in light of the press administration, gotten the Belarusian visitor as an agent of the resistance, and not as his partner.

Previous Charge d’Affaires of Belarus in Switzerland Pavel Matsukevich, who left the discretionary help following the official races, asked not to take the manner of speaking of European lawmakers too genuinely. To acknowledge as president and to perceive as president are various things, he disclosed to Kommersant.

In the event that you are acknowledged as president, it is more probable about a unique degree of cordiality, consideration, and respect. On the off chance that you are perceived as president, you should, for instance, review your minister from Minsk and certify him at the court of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, that is, change accreditations from Lukashenko to Tikhanovskaya.

Somehow, the discourse of the Belarusian specialists with the Western nations isn’t being worked by any stretch of the imagination. On Tuesday, Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei was indeed persuaded of this, having gotten ambassadors from the EU nations, just as the USA, Great Britain, Switzerland and Japan.

The representatives educated the priest about the potential for the positive advancement of the individual respective relations if the Belarusian specialists find unmistakable and huge ways to guarantee the recognition of vote-based standards in the country, the EU Delegation said the following the gathering.

Also, Western negotiators approached the specialists to react to the requests of the Belarusian public to quickly deliver and restore every single political detainee, just as to begin a dependable and comprehensive political cycle prompting free and reasonable decisions. Around the same time, a meeting was distributed by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg to the Italian paper La Repubblica, in which he put Belarus on a standard with Russia. NATO is cautious collusion, however, we are on the alarm and, obviously, prepared in a crisis to shield any of our individuals from any danger exuding from Minsk or Moscow, said Mr. Stoltenberg.

A sort of perfection of the day was the discussions in the European Parliament, one of the subjects of which seemed like this: Systematic suppressions in Belarus and their ramifications for European security because of the kidnapping (clearly, which means the capture of Roman Protasevich. Kommersant) from a regular citizen plane captured by the Belarusian specialists. Simultaneously, the possibility that the system of Alexander Lukashenko depends in everything on the help of its principal support, Russian President Vladimir Putin, was rehashed now and again in the talks of the MEPs.

The discourses of the MEPs after Josep Borrell were basically the same as one another. During comparable conversations of Crimea and Donbas, there are consistently a couple of speakers at European scenes who express a gentler, favorable to Russian perspective. However, Alexander Lukashenko was not upheld by anybody, not even the agents of the Italian Five Star Movement or the Hungarian decision party Fidesz, who are viewed as adversaries of the authority line of Brussels.’


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