Importance of Technology

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Importance of Technology in Different Fields

Nobody can deny that technology is an unavoidable part of our everyday lives. We are all so reliant on technology that we can’t imagine how we would function without it.

Technology is important because it is employed in almost every aspect of daily life. Whether you think about your daily routine and how many technological devices you use in a single day, you’ll see how essential technology is when you use your phone, watch TV, drive a car, or use a computer or any other electrical machine.

Indeed, people are becoming more reliant on technology every day, whether for communication, transportation, knowledge, or pleasure.

With the advancement of space technology, humans have also arrived on the moon. Technology may assist in both the present and the future. As a result, technology plays an indisputable role in our daily life.

Individuals’ communication, learning, and thinking are all impacted by technology. It is beneficial to society and influences how individuals interact on a daily basis. In today’s world, technology plays a crucial role. It has both beneficial and bad consequences for the planet, and it affects people’s lives on a daily basis. We live in a technologically advanced era. Examples include the internet and cell phones. There is, however, a drawback to technical advancements.

The way technology impacts learning is one element of technology that has had a significant impact on society. Learning has become more interactive and collaborative, allowing people to better engage with the content they are learning and struggling with. You’ll also have greater access to resources as a result of it. The internet has given us access to knowledge 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can find practically anything on the internet.

Furthermore, it makes it easy for pupils to complete their jobs. Quizzes and examinations can be taken more readily by students, and professors can organize more productive online lessons. It also encourages self-paced learning by expanding the classroom’s limits.

Technology in Different Fields:

However, consider the following seven major reasons for our dependence on technology:


Communication is the first and most important goal of technology. Families have become closer as a result of social media and other technology applications. We may now use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to re-connect with long-lost classmates and re-establish contact. In reality, we may use these platforms to connect with world leaders and other notable individuals. Professional sectors also demand communication, and technology allows us to communicate with the rest of the world from wherever we are. We can’t fathom our lives without our smartphones, yet there was a period when there were none at all.

Helps with legal work:

The safety of the community is inextricably linked to our own safety, and the legal systems have the primary duty. Law enforcement has greatly benefited from technological advancements. Phone cameras, CCTV cameras, and other devices now testify at crime scenes. With a worldwide database, we can discover any criminal from anywhere using computers and the internet. Improved technical devices have greatly aided in the advancement of forensics and cybercrime therapy.


We are safe thanks to technology. Our smart phones are connected to a variety of home security equipment, such as spy scams, door cameras, and anti-theft apps. For increased safety and security, the majority of them are manufactured electronically. In place of an eye-hole, we now utilize a camera to observe who is outside our door. Before opening the door, we might converse with the individual. Mobile phones, once again, provide us with a sense of security when we’re out on the streets. We know we can make a call anytime we are in trouble when we have a communication device.


Without the internet, globalization would not be feasible. We have the internet because it allows us to connect and work from anywhere on the planet. Because we have the internet, we can have customer meetings and needs from all over the world and integrate information and process delivery. Indeed, Covid has demonstrated that the internet can keep our lives running even while we are cooped up in our homes; in fact, if our work is internet-based, little is disrupted.


Gone are the days when we had to go from one library to the next in our city in search of books and resources for our school and college projects. Even so, we would be unable to obtain the necessary data for our investigation. However, thanks to Google, we can now look up any sort of information we need for a journal call for papers. We can use the internet to get information and enlightenment. Because we have access to the internet and computers, we can learn whenever and wherever we choose. It may keep our lives running even while we are confined to our homes; in fact, if our work is internet-based, it is seldom affected.


With the computer and the internet, technology has taught us how to overcome time and geographic constraints. People all across the world now have easier access to and lower cost education. Due to online educational systems that improve learning, a person in India may now learn at Harvard or MIT from the comfort of their own home. Online education and college are no more a luxury or a pipe dream; they are a necessity, especially in the event of a pandemic. Because online learning is significantly more cost-efficient for both students and institutions, virtually every other university has moved its curriculum online.


The world of entertainment has been greatly influenced by technology. A vast range of technical advancements have helped us occupy our spare time, from video and computer games to smart televisions. Even today, going to the movies is not restricted to the confines of a movie theatre. We view movies on digital platforms similarly to how we read on a computer. The entertainment industry is undergoing total digitalization as a result of online streaming platforms and apps.

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